Welcome To America's Most Sought After Animal Actor.
"Joe Exotic"

Get The Scoop On the OUT and WILD

America has a new and up coming star in the television and film industry. Starting with OUT and WILD on a live broadcast show daily has turned into a contract signing with many major film producers.
Joe Schreibvogel better known as "Joe Exotic" got his start with Out Tv out of Pittsburgh PA. From there it took him in partners with Wolf Mountain Media Group which he now owns 50% off casting 6 live shows a week world wide.

Making a London based show with BBC UK, he was noticed world wide and has contracts with major film producers world wide, starting his own series of shows for the next 3 years.

Living within and running one of the worlds largest accredited facilities open to the public for tigers housing over 150 animal ambassadors, located in the heart of Oklahoma lays the G.W. Interactive Zoological Park. The park was built in 1999 in memory of his late brother Garold Wayne. Now housing animals from all over the world. 

Joe Schreibvogel is one of the leading tiger trainers in America today using tigers to educate the world on the important mission to save tigers not only in the wild but in captivity as well.

Joe Exotic was the first person to bring live animal shows to the internet world wide. Today you can watch his shows daily at www.joeexotictv.com

Just released on DVD. Save the Tigers by Natures Adventure filmed live on the G.W. Interactive Zoological Park with Joe Exotic.
Take a real look into what goes on at the park and what it takes to keep over 150 tigers healthy and happy.